Yume Ramen & Cake



350-4 Smith Haven Mall,

Lake Grove, NY, 11755


+1 631-456-9013

About Yume

Yume (YOU-meh) : “dream” in Japanese

A bowl of our ramen is a bowl of dreams.

After years of training at Michelin Star restaurant Jeju Noodle Bar and renowned restaurant Momofuku with wholehearted effort and care, let us introduce our Japanese flavors and culture through the dishes here at Yume Ramen. Every bowl of ramen is filled with fresh, homemade ingredients, and every cake recipe is carefully considered for consistent freshness. We believe that pure goodness only comes from pure ingredients, and that consistency is the key to success.

We can’t wait for you to to experience the bowl of your dreams.

こころをこめて (Kokoro o Komete) : wholeheartedly

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